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2 mile run. 

My legs were feeling a bit tired today. So, I guess it was good that all I had time for was 2 miles anyway.

I am going to try and get at least 3 or 4 miles in tomorrow and then Friday will be a rest day. And then 13.1 on Saturday…of course.

And yes, I updated the spreadsheet with my miles. I really am having fun with that. I LOVE seeing what everyone adds!!

OK, it is home, shower, dinner, and then off to baseball practice with Aydan tonight!

Ok, Tumblr “fan mail” has been wonky for quite some time. I know I am not the only one that has noticed. Sometimes it will send messages and sometimes not. Basically, I know if the “sent!” message gets hung…it did not actually send. Even if it shows in my outbox.

But, today I noticed that when I open up the compose page, if I can see my inbox behind the compose page, I am ok. If I can’t see it, then my message won’t send.

So, knowing that…I think it will save me a little extra time. Well, either way I have to refresh the page and open up a new compose. But, at least I can know to do it in the first place this way.

The Abbey; the food.

Mindy emailed the guestmaster at the Abbey today. He responded back rather quickly and we have a date for our 4th annual Abbey trip!

And if you have known me for any length of time, you know that my excitement will only build from here. ;)

Slightly off track…
I want to try and be more mindful with my planning for the year. And try and have a nice balance. And I mean the trips that I really look forward to.
May - Indy - Kari time.
June - camping with the kids(not set in stone, need to do that) - Immediate family time.
July - Selleck reunion - Entire (that side) of the family time.
August - Abbey - Sister time. 

And moving forward, I need to balance out planned events with more parts of the family and/or more specific time with just the kids. So, working on it! But, I do want to be careful not to overload so none of these things feel like a burden.
(yes Mom, I need to plan another trip to Enid!!)

Back to the Abbey….

Our dates this year are August 22-24. Seems so far away!! But, that is ok…gives me plenty of time to look forward to it ;)

And yes, I will spend the next 3-1/2 months planning the menu. The link above is to my food post from last year. We had a lot of favorites last year and a few things we wouldn’t do again. So, I will keep some and maybe throw in some new stuff to try. 

For sure staying on the menu:

For breakfast we like to keep it simple -
Baked Oatmeal was a winner
Granola - yep
Lots of fruit - this is a given
And we always enjoy eggs and potatoes.

And for lunch/dinner - 
Chicken stuffed with spinach, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese - this was a eyes roll back in your head favorite
Steak - always steak!!
Fresh pasta - it has become a tradition!

On the fence:

Caesar Salad with shrimp was actually quite pleasing. So, I might bring that back or a variation of.
The mahi we had last year was good, but not over the top for both of us. I may find another way to incorporate that pesto!

Last year there were a couple of sides that we weren’t thrilled with. So, I am going to do a better job of planning the entire plate. The slaw and the corn on the cob just did not go. 

Simple food is what it is all about. And nothing that takes too much preparation. If it dips in to my nap time…well, that is a problem. And a lot of times what we get depends on what the farmer’s market has. 

tl:dr I am excited for our trip and I am going to eat a lot of food.

That is my “is it too hot to drink am I going to burn my tongue so scared” face.

  • now shows me a number next to the icon on my phone based on how many to-do’s I have for the day. And as much as I HATE to have those little numbers next to the icons…well, I guess it is good incentive for me to actually get shit done!
  • Every to do that I had in there yesterday got pushed to today.
  • Today is a “plow” day. Wish me luck.
  • It is National Don’t Wear a Bra day.
  • Oh, you didn’t get that memo?? Well, now you know ;)
  • The boys can even participate, too!!
  • Aydan had an excellent melt down this morning. Ugh. Why does getting dressed have to be so hard sometimes? And other times…it literally takes 30 seconds.
  • I am so happy so many people started using the spreadsheet!! Let’s get some more, shall we?
  • I actually can’t wait to run today, just so I can fill in a cell. I know, I am a nerd like that :P
  • Ok, it is 9am and I must get to that plowing that I talked about. 

…..and GO!!!

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