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I was going to go out and do some shopping, but that just seemed like work, so I opted for the online shopping instead.  New coffee cup in hand;)

I have a Kohl’s card to spend and Kohl’s has free shipping and 20% off, so why not do it online.  I was going to try on some running skirts in-store, but I guess I can’t do that now.  Sorry trivialbob, lol.

And I have another 100 dollars to spend plus I am planning on signing up for Amazon Prime at the end of the month.  And since if you sign up for Prime when you order something, you get free shipping, I thought I might as well take advantage.

So, through Kohl’s I ordered a bra, a sport’s bra, a sweater, and a shirt.
Through Amazon, I am getting a new tent.  (Yes tridad, I am ordering through the Bad Dog link :))

When Mark and I first got married, we bought a tent together.  We got it at Sam’s Club on a whim and it was a Jeep brand tent.  You can’t find them anymore, as far as I can tell.  We LOVED that tent.  We used it quite a few times.  It was huge.  It has a screened in front room.  It had closets.  It had bay windows.  We loved that thing and it was definitely big enough for our eventually growing family. 
Two summers ago, we loaned it to a couple that we are friends with.  They were down on their luck and got a job at a campground and needed a tent to live in.  They lived in our tent for that whole summer.  And it even survived one of the worst storms that I have seen here.  High winds and trees knocked down everywhere.  Still, the Jeep tent stood.
Well, last summer the tent died.  There was too much wrong with it.  Stakes missing/broken.  Various holes.  And finally the zippers all broke beyond repair.  I am sure the summer of use didn’t help matters, but it was getting worn before that as well.
So, we put it out to pasture and it was time to move on.  So many memories in that tent and we fear we will never find another tent that would live up to the standards that 140 dollar tent created.
I did a little shopping on Amazon and found a replacement.  I have no idea if it will be anywhere near as satisfying as the Jeep tent was, but we shall see. 
It is definitely as big, if not a little bigger.  (I can’t remember the dimensions of the Jeep) It has a screened in front porch.  It does not have closets or bay windows, but we will deal.  As long as it fits the family, we will be just fine.  And the cost is only 120 bucks on sale, so if it only lasts a summer or two, I guess we get our money’s worth.

Ok, Christmas money gone :)

Happy Saturday, everyone.  Now it is time to go be productive.  Oh wait…its lunch time first! lol

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