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Beer of the night: Bell’s Smitten Golden Rye Ale.

'Tis tasty.

When I got home from the store with this, my FIL had a six pack of Fat Tire waiting for me (my favorite). So I am stocked for a while!

Side note: I swear I am not turning in to trivialbob with my target and beer posts! I am not wearing khakis….

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  1. becky-balances said: Bob is transforming the Internet, one day at a time. It begins with you.
  2. lifewithkim said: Haha!
  3. saturdaymorningdarkness said: I’m so envious that you have access to Bells beers!
  4. trivialbob said: There are many worse things than being just like Bob.
  5. snapthistiger said: did you buy that running skirt?
  6. karikeepsrunning posted this
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