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Careful Runlong, you may end up with way too much Kari spam on your dash! lol :)

Effinhill, um yes…still a negative.  Class starts next Monday, so Chad was still at Euchre this week.  And the question of me going to Tae Bo was brought up yet again, lol.  Although, if I ever did lead a class, Tae Bo would probably be something I would be “most” comfortable with.  Zumba….oh, that is an even bigger NO! ha ha

And again, I am not dogging on anyone that does do that sort of thing.  And actually, I have attended many classes in my day…various kinds.  I just prefer a room of strangers, not people I know and once knew back in the day.  Small towns are small.

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  1. nowforthefunpart said: Oh! OH! Kari! Please please please do Zumba and videotape it and post it, pretty please! I’ll force Joe to stay home and you can have his San Juan ticket if you do!
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