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2.03 miles
8:25 pace
62 degrees!!! Yeah, enjoying it while I can.

Melissa and Angel, I was trying to do my arms up thing…but it just doesn’t really work out in the photo, lol ;)  But, I DID do it on the start of my run this morning. It was so appropriate.

I felt REALLY good on this run. I have been waiting patiently for a run like this. Where everything just clicked and I felt invincible.

I wish I could have run farther. But, I left the kids home with Mark while he was on a long phone call (with social security people) and didn’t want him to get stuck too long if they acted up.

I even started my laundry this morning. I think this is the longest I have ever gone overdue with laundry. Aye. Yes, I ran in dirty running clothes this morning. **walks away with head down in shame**

Running thoughts:
1. I saw a lady out running today. The same lady that I have seen the past two mornings. I don’t often run in to any runners when I am out on my runs. I wasn’t about to hit on her and say “Hey baby, want to be my running partner??” But, it was nice to have someone to wave to as we passed each other.
2. I am going to design my own line of running/workout clothes and I am going to market them “easy off”. Seriously…sweat and tight running clothes…don’t make it easy to get them off to get in the shower. I know I am stating the obvious here.

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  1. robbsrunning said: The runner’s wave is a nice thing!! :-)
  2. happyhealthycook said: Hands in the air! YEAH! ;) Glad you had an invincible-type run. Just what the doctor ordered.
  3. grandmadeb said: Take them off in the shower and they will get washed at the same time. :)
  4. chelsearuns said: It’s always fun to see the same people out running regularly. I have a guy that I see every Wednesday on the route near my home and we always wave to each other. Last time he said, “See you same time, same place next week!” ha :)
  5. fromlazytolively said: You look so happy I love it!!!
  6. karikeepsrunning posted this
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