I really love food. Apparently, too much food can be a bad thing. I hear exercise can counteract that problem. I run so I can eat. Thus, I love to run.

Well, that was fun…

I did finish the puzzle. But, I ended up wit a migraine. I don’t think it was the puzzle’s fault ;) I could feel the headache coming on, but I didn’t have any meds with me.

Once the headache got bad enough that I wasn’t able to focus on work, I tried to take a nap for an hour and it didn’t help in the least.

I managed to gather all my stuff up, ride my bike home (which was really difficult), walk in the door, head straight for me room, strip my clothes off, and curl up in the bed. This is when those light blocking shades come in handy!

I haven’t been able to find the Tylenol PM, or we are out, so I took some ibuprofen. But, I really needed to pass out. My heart palpitations were going crazy. And my head was pounded so bad I had tears rolling down my face. Between the two, I was going seriously crazy. So, I took a Benadryl since I knew it would give me the velvet hammer.

Before long I was in sleepy land. That was around 3:30 and I didn’t get up until almost 8pm when Peyten came in to my room. I felt bad I missed dinner with our friend. Mark was able to hang out. And between him and Cindy, they made dinner and cleaned up and got the kids to bed. It was a load off.

I also missed my meeting at the church. But, by the time I decided to go home, I just wasn’t’ able to function at all. I had no choice but to curl up in to bed and shut the world out.

What I have learned from this, yet again? Always keep meds on me. If I nip it in the bud early, it doesn’t get nearly this bad. And sleep alone, definitely doesn’t help the headache.

I managed to get the above food in my belly. The headache is gone. I am just a little woozy and light headed. Hopefully I will feel ten times better in the morning. Even looking at the laptop screen right now, I still have some sensitivity. 

  1. lifewithkim said: Hope you start feeling better quickly!!
  2. thoughtsfloataround said: Sorry about your headache, and glad you feel better. That is a really great puzzle!
  3. nowforthefunpart said: Ugh. I know exactly how you feel (felt). Glad you’re feeling better. Hopefully, sleep tonight will take care of that lingering light sensitivity.
  4. eclipsenikkie said: Hope your feeling better! I had one last week & was no fun at all.
  5. clevcrew said: feel better kari… thinking of you
  6. thehomecookrunner said: Migraines are the worst. I’ve yet to find meds that help me. I need to talk to my doctor about other meds to try. Sleep usually helps but isn’t always possible. Caffeine and Excedrin will usually dull it enough for me to function. Glad you feel better.
  7. angeldrinkstea said: I love that puzzle!
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