I really love food. Apparently, too much food can be a bad thing. I hear exercise can counteract that problem. I run so I can eat. Thus, I love to run.

2013 South Haven Blueberry 5k.

Let’s see here. Where do I start? Ah yes, my alarm went off at 5am. I snoozed it until 5:53 like a champ.

I got ready and ate some mini wheats. I was out the door by 6:35. I did end up having to get gas before I left town, but I still ended up getting to South Haven right at 7am. There was plenty of off street parking, which was fantastic.

Got my bib, walked back to the car, changed out of my warm clothes. I texted a few friends to see where they were. By the time I met up with everyone and got to the start line, it was five minutes until the start time.

I didn’t have time to do a pre race warm up run or any stretching. I just popped my ear buds in, started my Runkeeper and we were off!

Now, they changed the course again this year. I don’t doubt they got complaints from the change they made last year. (starting out at the bottom of a steep hill) But, this year, I really liked the course. Even better than the first two years that I ran it. No gigantic hills and plenty of lake scenery :)

I knew I was going to start out too fast. And I was ok with that. I was just going to push myself today and see what would happen.
Cathy (pictured in the red tank top) and I both started not that far from the front of the pack. I was worried I would be in the way, but actually I wasn’t at all. It worked out very nicely. I should stop underestimating myself and just get up there!

We ran through downtown South Haven. There were a couple small hills. Nothing outrageous. Just enough to where you can feel yourself slow down if you aren’t careful. I plowed through them. I sped up. And it felt rather good.

Through downtown and in to some neighborhoods. And then we were on the bluff over looking the water. I wasn’t paying attention and had no idea what mile I was on. I had a general idea, but didn’t have a good frame of reference. I wasn’t sure how to pace myself, so I just kept going with a  “good push”.

My breathing was slightly labored, but not ridiculous. My form would get tired and I would quickly correct it. I concentrated on my breathing. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

The weather was perfect. 65-70, around there. And the sun was peaking through, but wasn’t blaring yet.

I had no idea what time it was. I couldn’t get a good look at my phone. And if they had people calling times, I missed them. I was just running to run. It was excellent.

And then, all of a sudden, I was in the home stretch. Seriously, it snuck up on me. I did my best to pick it up a notch. I was so curious to see what the clock would say once I got there.

Official time - 24:09. 4th in my age group out of 57. 3rd place girl beat me by 2:05. I am ok with that ;) 164th overall out of 822.

Honestly, I did not expect to PR this race. We can always hope, but I didn’t have much. My running has been so strained lately. And when I saw my time and my splits, I actually didn’t really believe it. I thought there had to be some mistake. Still waiting to see if there was!  I mean, all my splits were under 8. That is insane.

This run gave me so much inspiration. It made me realize that maybe I haven’t plateaued. Maybe I can go even further. And it isn’t just because I ran at that pace, but that I ran it at that pace and it didn’t feel that labored. This was probably one of the easiest races I have run in a while. I mean, I did give it my all, but it was different. Hard to explain, but I am sure most of the people reading this post can relate on some level :)

I felt strong. Empowered. Elated. I could go on… :) I seriously almost cried after I finished, I felt so good. Wait. Is this what a runner’s high feels like?? Did I finally experience what I had assumed was a myth??

I want to remember this. Because it may not happen again, lol :)

Oh, and on the drive home, I opened the windows and the moon roof and drove too fast down the country back roads. It was glorious.

Mocha. Because :)

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