I really love food. Apparently, too much food can be a bad thing. I hear exercise can counteract that problem. I run so I can eat. Thus, I love to run.

I got another run in! Are you proud of me? Oh yes yes ;)

4.44 miles
9:59 pace

This was one of those runs. Let me see if I can explain. I just did whatever I wanted. As you can see from my splits. During almost every mile I did a little bit of walking. Not necessarily because I was that tired of running, but more because I just wanted to slow down and enjoy the scenery. The outdoors. The peaceful alone time.

During the first couple miles, the sun was setting on my face. There was a nice breeze. I was already a bit sweaty and stinky. It was just so ridiculously pleasant.

It was just a great, therapeutic run. It had nothing to do with goals, pace, time, or even miles. Just out there until I didn’t want to be out there anymore. Forget about it.

I ran to the church and got about an hour and a half of cleaning in. And then I ran home. Only because it was faster than walking. And I turned on my runkeeper just to see how far it actually is. I always thought it was a quarter mile, but I guess it is closer to a half mile! Now I know.

Home. Shower. Watermelon. Food. Beer. Now Hulu. Then Bed.

Side notes: The first picture is my view at the start of every run. Yes, that is my driveway. And the second picture. I am such a dork, lol. It may be possible to match less, but that takes effort.

  1. happyhealthycook said: Peaceful alone time. F*#k yeah.
  2. trivialbob said: Nothing wrong with that running outfit.
  3. th3m0th3rrunn3r said: Your night sounds like perfection.
  4. marinemindset said: Those runs are the best! Great job!
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