I really love food. Apparently, too much food can be a bad thing. I hear exercise can counteract that problem. I run so I can eat. Thus, I love to run.

I haven’t run at night in a while. It was lovely.

I got home from work a tad early since Mark has been throwing up all day and last night.(he got what Nate had the other day)

I made tacos for dinner.

And then Charly, Peyten and I took off for Charly’s cheerleading practice at 5:30. That lasted two hours. I thought it was going to end at 7:00. I was wrong.

I had a meeting at 7, but of course I was late. I dropped the kids off at home and went straight up to the church. Missed about 40 minutes of the meeting and there was only about 20 minutes left that I did get. Ah well.

When I got home, Mark had already put the kids to bed. I was debating a shower and then I just decided I might as well sneak a run in first.

2.96 (I know, I know. My runkeeper goofed and I thought I was at 3 or over. I can feel Jason and Sabrina twitching over that number. :P)
9:05 pace

It was a nice run. I even remembered my little flashy light thing so I wouldn’t get run over as easily. And I didn’t sprang my ankle on any pot holes in the dark. The city recently fixed a lot of the roads. I am thankful. Some day I may even remember an actual LIGHT. Genius, I tell ya.

And when I got back home, I found that little bug that decided to hitch a ride on the front of my shirt at some point. He is dead now.

I am not sure if that 86 degrees is right. When I went up to the church for my meeting (7:30), the fire station said 91. It could have dropped a couple degrees, but at any rate it was pretty hot and muggy. And I sweated A LOT. Good stuff.

  1. angeldrinkstea said: Running in the dark scares me.
  2. happyhealthycook said: I’m twitching too. Just no. ;) Glad you got out!
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