I really love food. Apparently, too much food can be a bad thing. I hear exercise can counteract that problem. I run so I can eat. Thus, I love to run.

First day of school!

Nate went in first. I dropped him off. He had his folders all ready and felt pretty organized going in to the year. He has some goals and I think he will hit them without problem.

And then I took Charly and Aydan. I will usually just drop them off, but I walked up with them so I could make sure Aydan knew where to line up. And to ease him in to it. 

He did fabulous. At one point I was looking at him from afar and we caught each others eye and he gave me the biggest smile. Melts my heart :)

And Charly did just fine. She always does. When we took her to her first day of preschool, she said “ok, you can leave now!”. That’s my girl ;)

Peyten will start in two weeks. For now, she gets the house to herself…well, with Dad and Grammie. 

  1. angeldrinkstea said: My goodness they are just the most precious!!
  2. clevcrew said: I just smiled when I read about your Aydan. So happy for him- and the rest of the kiddos!
  3. happyhealthycook said: Yay about Aydan! ♥ Glad all was smooth and calm all the way around this morning.
  4. snapthistiger said: super cute children..
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