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Look, Melissa! Negative splits!

Wasn’t even trying, but somehow managed it.

Boy that was a hot run. Even at 9 o’clock at night. So sweaty. So happy.

4.1 miles

First day, I stuck to my schedule! Everything I had put on my spreadsheet, I did. Got to work on time. Did some church cleaning. Came home on time. Managed dinner. Spent some relax time with the kiddos. Put them to bed and then got my run in!

If only every day could run this smooth :) Next time I am feeling all overwhelmed and out of control. Just remind me that it is within my power to organize and schedule and I am much happier that way.

And I did get some organizing done. I (finally) went through last year’s school papers. Kept what I wanted and filled a trash bag with the rest. Now the kids have cubbies ready for more. And our basket of “important” papers is cleaned out and organized. Now, if I need to find out something about one of the kid’s class or track down a permission slip, I know where to look.
Huge load off. It was giving me serious anxiety. Because with four kids…shit goes missing easily!

Our renters called and it looks like the water heater died. Sucks. But, Mark will track one down tomorrow and we have a buddy that will install it pretty cheap. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Everything else seems to be going ok over there. They got the toilet and vanity installed. And they are putting down tile and painting the walls. They also bought carpet today to redo that. I do still need to order the tub. Was going to do that today, but didn’t get to it.
The house is getting some much needed TLC. Tis good.

Now I am watching Breaking Bad. I forgot to watch it last night before it was too late.

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  1. happyhealthycook said: Nice splits!! Glad today went smoothly. Day one: conquered. ;)
  2. strivingtothrive said: You go girl!
  3. thefitty said: Whoa you are so fast!!
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