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My PR for a half marathon is 2:00:06. My goal is to get under 2 hours.

My last two halfs were 2:04:42 and 2:15:11. The second one was run on NO sleep, so should I really even add it here? Probably not.

I really want to get under 2. It is like that 2 hour mark has just been teasing me.

To hit 1:59:59, I need to run a 9:10 pace. Now, I can run a 5k at 7:47 pace (apparently). But, I definitely can’t sustain that longer than 3 miles. And since I haven’t been running long hardly at all lately, I am not sure what I can sustain.

My ten miles this morning was run at a 10:12 pace. BUT, I wasn’t at my “threshold” for most of the run. I even took a couple “I could have run through” breaks. And I ran without water. And also on an empty stomach.

As we all know, a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats for me before the race can shave off at least 30 seconds per mile. ;)

So, even though it was 10:12 pace….the ease that that came…lets me know that it may just be possible for me to get under 2.

I signed up for this race for a Tumblr meet up. And didn’t plan to train for it AT ALL. But, now I am getting excited for the possibility of a PR. So, I will continue to try and put in some miles and speed work in the next two weeks. Ya never know what might just happen.

Mill Race, here I come ;)

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  1. happyhealthycook said: :D
  2. whitneyrunson said: I know you will cruise in under 2 and with time to spare!
  3. trainingbarefoot said: You can totally do it!
  4. onefitmama said: YOU CAN DO EEET!
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