I really love food. Apparently, too much food can be a bad thing. I hear exercise can counteract that problem. I run so I can eat. Thus, I love to run.

Four therapeutic miles. I didn’t even realize how much I needed them until I got out there. Or maybe I subconsciously knew and that is why I pushed myself a bit to do them at all.

I set out to do two. And ended up with four. (I am supposed to be holding up four fingers…I only now realize you can’t see them all ;))

October weather. I do love it. Cool, breezy, and usually great smells in the air. And tonight was all of that. I could have gone with or without the long sleeve. I just really enjoyed the night. Gazing up at the sky. Taking in the quietness. 

And my pace was slow. I didn’t really worry about speed too much. I even took some walk breaks. I had so much on my mind that it was just racing and racing. Sometimes I had to stop and walk just to try and reel it in a bit. 

And my left heel has been killing me all day, so I tried not to push it too hard on the run. Calves and shins hurt too, but not too bad. Especially after the first mile.

Now, I am showered, my feet are up, and it is time for a bit of relaxing before bed. I did my ten minute meditation earlier today, so I need to update shorty’s spreadsheet.

This weekend was ridiculously full. I didn’t have much down time at all. And it was full with a lot of thought provoking stuff. All good. I am just in a bit of an “overload” right now.

Saturday -
Emmaus meeting 9-3:30. Listened to and critiqued 5 talks.
Charly’s cheer game 4-5:30
Night run 3 miles

Sunday - 
Church 9-12
Small group 1-3:30
Youth group 4-7
Night run 4 miles

Ah and two compliments this weekend that kind of came out of nowhere.

At the Emmaus meeting, I had to give a brief little talk introducing myself and explaining a bit about me. It didn’t take long. After, one of the other women came up to me and said “I love your spunk. And really enjoy listening to you”. No one had ever used the word “spunk” to describe me before, lol. But, I took it as a compliment. Especially since she seemed so sincere about it and went out of her way to mention it to me. 

And after church today, a friend came up to me and after a short conversation about something else, she gave me a big hug and said that she is so glad that I am in her life. And that I have helped her become a better person. Wow! What a compliment.

I don’t put these things here to be vain. But, maybe so I will remember them in the future. Sometimes I go to a dark place. Sometimes I feel invisible. And sometimes I wonder if people like ME at all. Or if it is just circumstantial. 

That has always been a hard obstacle for me to get past. To believe that it is possible for people to like me, to appreciate me, and not just because it is convenient or forced. 

I don’t know…sorry. This post took a turn….;)

  1. happyhealthycook said: I love those compliments you got. And while we’re on the subject, I will reiterate: you have taught me how to be a better friend, particularly a woman to woman friend. I appreciate you immensely! ♥
  2. becky-balances said: You’re okay, I guess ;)
  3. onefitmama said: Way to go!! It’s always a good feeling when you accomplish more than you set out to do. As for the last part of your post, I hear ya. I feel the exact same way. *hug*
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