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I have so many random photos on my phone. Ya know the type of photos you take because you have a small story behind it. And you take it in order to tell that story on Tumblr. But, then you are being active in the “real world” and you never actually make the post and then the story fades and you are just left with..random photos. 

It’s all good. I had a good weekend.

I started out Saturday with hanging with the kids a bit. And getting ready to go to the wedding.

Picture this: Me in the above dress. I stopped at Shell on my way out of town to pick up some brake fluid. I popped the hood and stood out in the rain and looked for the place to put the brake fluid. I thought I knew, but it wasn’t labeled “brake fluid”. It had a bunch of other words. And since I was getting wet and running out of time. I hopped back in the Jeep and got the manual out. At that point a guy walks up and says “can I help you”. Well, of course sir….;) He confirmed where it needed to go. And even opened up the container with his knife and filled it up for me. We chatted about the rain and how he was happy to have a day off from the farm work. He made sure I started the Jeep and tested out the breaks before he went back to his truck. 
So cliche. But, that is ok with me. I was a damsel in distress (sort of) and I think he was happy with being able to help. I am more than capable of making sure where the brake fluid needs to go, but sometimes it is nice when strangers want to help. 

Anyway, I was on my way to Grand Rapids in no time. And even made it to the church on time (a bit early). And heard a fascinating talk on the radio about the difference between choosing the super power flight over invisibility or vice versa. Let’s discuss that later, shall we?

The wedding was lovely. The minister even brought some humour in to the service, which I appreciate. 

And then we had a good two hours or more to kill before the reception. So, Brett, Cheri and I went and got some coffee and chatted until it was time. It was lovely to catch up with those two. It had been a while. 

And the reception was beautiful. It was great to see the whole family. And some of the cousins I haven’t seen in so long. They all are growing up! Especially my family from Indianapolis. The kids are 20, 18, and 16 now. And they have a German exchange student with them as well. 

And it was nice just hearing how everyone is doing. Good and bad. New baby. Life in college. Break ups. Health issues. I don’t know what else. Such a big family, it is hard to keep track of everyone. At some points in the evening I found myself just sitting back and watching everyone in the room. 

Before I knew it, it was time to go. My dad and stepmom made sure I got to my Oma’s house ok. They stayed and chatted for a bit. And then they had an hour drive home and I went to bed. Early start the next day!

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  3. happyhealthycook said: You look gorgeous Kari. I totally would face done the same thing at the gas station. ;)
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