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I haven’t done a Sunday Selfie in a while.
BEAUTIFUL drive in this morning. I just love when the trees are so covered.
A little trouble getting out of the driveway this morning, but nothing a little running start couldn’t take care of.

Garry: Sure, you always wear pants and then on the coldest day of the year you put on a skirt!
Me: No, the coldest day of the year is TOMORROW. :)

Small group was fantastic last night. A little bit smaller group than usual, but that us ok. We still talked til 11 o’clock at night. I think it was needed for everyone there.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!! Back to school/routines tomorrow ;)

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  1. grandmadeb said: You look good. Did Charly wear her new shoes at church? If so, can you get a picture of her?
  2. happyhealthycook said: Yay for small group. I know you needed it. :)
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