I really love food. Apparently, too much food can be a bad thing. I hear exercise can counteract that problem. I run so I can eat. Thus, I love to run.

Good morning! 

Needless to say, I am LOVING this. I know this weather isn’t good for everyone, but I just really do enjoy a good challenge. And shoveling this morning and getting the Jeep out of the driveway…well, that was quite the adventure!

I would have taken a picture of my shoveling adventure, but my phone wouldn’t turn on. Really, Iphone? Are you sure the phone needs to COOL DOWN in order to work?? And what’s up with the German? 

Garry ended up coming out and helping me shovel and Mark did the driving of the Jeep. Actually, I am surprised we got it all the way down the driveway, but we did! Most of the driveway was about a foot of snow or more. 

Mark dropped me off at the church because he had an errand to run. Which worked out anyway because I am not sure if I could have made it in the drive to the church. Not sure if they are going to bother with plowing today, I just walked up. And when I got to the stairs, I couldn’t tell where they were! lol So, I just guessed and didn’t twist an ankle or anything ;)

Not a lot of regular vehicles out today. A lot of plow trucks. A lot, lol. I don’t think I have ever seen so many. 

I have no idea what the “wind chill” temp is right now. I think I would rather not know ;) -4 “regular” temp is probably good enough. 

Question: Is it a bad idea to eat the entire loaf of banana bread? Yeah…that is what I thought…:/

Oh and Mark just called. He helped a few people that were stuck and gave a lady a ride home so her husband could come help her get unstuck.
And our renters called and the pilot light won’t stay lit on the furnace. Our buddy, Pete, is going to stop over there and get it fixed. Apparently he knows just what to do…just climb on the roof and remove some snow. As of right now they are huddled down with a space heater. If it gets too cold before Pete gets over there, they know Mark will come pick them up and then can hang out at our house or the church. 

That is one reason I came up to the church. I don’t know if the need will even be there, but if someone needs a warm place, at least I can be here to open the church in case of an emergency.

Our pastor got stuck in Chicago dropping off one of his kids. He is headed back this morning, but I am sure that drive will be slow!

Our church is on the list for Red Cross to use as an emergency shelter. I have heard so many stories about “the storm of 78”. (of course that was the year before I was born) But, I guess it was quite a doozy of a storm. And they used the church to board people that either didn’t have a working furnace or people that were traveling and got stuck off the highway. And some of the church members opened up their homes as well because of the overflow. 
Crazy times. 

  1. backto100miles said: Wait…people eat less than the entire loaf of banana bread?! :)
  2. angeldrinkstea said: I’ve been LOVING how warm it’s been in Alaska! And you don’t know how many times my phone has turned off because it’s too cold. Sigh. Poor, sad phone.
  3. bensjourneyforlife said: I love banana bread, just not with nuts!
  4. trivialbob said: Crazy times. Yes.
  5. happyhealthycook said: That is why I uh, don’t make banana bread. ;) But man this weather. Lord a’mighty…
  6. trainingbarefoot said: Dang, Taylor would be so jealous of all that snow.
  7. pondera said: If it’s a tasty banana loaf then it’s fine to eat it all!
  8. auspiciouspatti said: Its so bad where I work that I’m wondering if I will be able to work tomorrow. Its not quite as bad in Monroe, although extremely cold with the wind. Stay warm!
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