I really love food. Apparently, too much food can be a bad thing. I hear exercise can counteract that problem. I run so I can eat. Thus, I love to run.

I had a relaxing evening. We had youth group at our house tonight, ate spaghetti and meatballs and watched Unstoppable. And then the kids stayed and we all watched the Super Bowl together. 

That was 5lbs of meatballs. And I used four cups of flour for all that pasta. And I didn’t make the cupcakes, but they are cute, aren’t they?
Abby recently turned 17, so we asked her what she wanted for dinner and she said spaghetti. She is a vegetarian, so I had some plain marinara for her. Meatballs for everyone else. And she doesn’t like cupcakes, so we had blueberry nutri grain bars for her (her favorite) ;) And there was ice cream, of course.

Good people, good day, good night. :)

  1. happyhealthycook said: Steve went nuts over the pasta photo. ;)
  2. onefitmama said: It’s so cool you open your home to the youth group!
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